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Welcome to the website of the Society for Chamber Music, The Hague

Due to the continuation of the corona measures Diligentia is closed.
So our concerts are not possible.

Normally we give information about the next concert on this page. But everything is uncertain now.
We can only give an update of the concerts that have been rescheduled or cancelled.

Season 2019/20:
The concert of the Quatuor Danel had been rescheduled to January 21th. But also this will not be possible. We have been able to find a new date: Tuesday September 28th 2021.

Season 2020/21:

  • The concert of the Bennewitz Quartet on Oktober 20th has been cancelled.
    Unfortunately we have not been able to find a new date. The concert is cancelled.
    We will do our best to invite Bennewitz in a coming season.
  • The concert of the Jerusalem Quartet on November 17th 2020 had to be cancelled.
    This concert is now part of the season 2021/22.
  • The concert of the Corneille quartet had been postponed to March 30th 2021.
    But also that will not be possible now. The new date is MONDAY May 31th.
    And even this date is not possible. We will try to reschedule this concert in November 2011 or possibly February 2022.
  • Pavel Haas Quartet (February 2th 2021) Cancelled, the new date will be May 25th 2021.
    As this date is not possible either, we unfortunately had to cancel this concert.
    We will try to invite this quartet in our 2022/23 series.
  • Calidore String Quartet (March 16th 2021) Cancelled. The quartet will not travel this year. But the new date is WEDNESDAY May 18th 2022.
  • Olivier Patey and friends (April 13th 2021) Cancelled, but the new date is Monday June 21th 2021.
The good news is that the program for the 2021/22 season is ready. See here .
We trust that better times will come.
If you have not received the brochure, please send an email to info@stichtingkamermuziekdenhaag.nl


Unfortunately we cannot give you information about the next concert.